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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: HOW does the chip timing work?

A: The transponder is inactive until moved into a magnetic field, generated by a send antenna mat. When the chip enters the magnetic field, the energizing coil produces an electric current to power the chip. The transponder then transmits its unique identification number to a receive antenna in a mat. The entire process takes approximately 60 milliseconds.

Q: WHAT if I forget to return my ankle chip to a volunteer at the finish line?

A: You will be charged a $50.00 fee.

Q: WHAT is net time?

A: The amount of time from when one crosses the start mat until one crosses the finish mat.

Q: WHAT is official time (Gun Time)?

A: The amount of time from the sound of the air horn (gun) to when one crosses the finish mat.

Q: WHY don't you use net time?

A: USATF rule 165.16 covers the use of chip timing systems. The rule states that "times for other competitors will be adjusted, based on the official winning time." In other words, "chip" timing cannot be used for official time(s) nor records unless the "chip" time is properly adjusted (i.e. gun time).

Q: WHY the ruling "No chip, no result!"?

A: Events using electronic timing systems rely on these systems to get the complete results. If you're not wearing a chip or if you have attached your chip incorrectly, your time will not be recorded and the event organizers cannot issue you with a result. If you lose your chip or you're not sure how to wear it correctly, you should contact the event organizers as soon as possible to fix the issue before the race.

Q: I lost my timing chip but a friend of mine can't make it on race day, can't I just use his/her chip instead?

A: No, each transponder is unique and is linked to one individual participant. Using your friend's chip means that you will not have accurate results. You need to contact the event organizers to arrange a replacement of your chip which is linked to your personal information.

If you accidentally leave with your chip, or pick up your packet and not attend the event, please return the chip in a bubble envelope to:

    Atlantic Chip Timing

    32 Forest Road

    Dartmouth, NS

    B3A 2M3

Q: HOW do I wear the Chip?

A: Depending on the type of chip that will be used in your event, these are the different types of chips and how to wear them. A shoe tag will come with a short plastic zip strip (like a twist tie) to attach the chip to your shoelaces. A ankle strap tag race use an ankle band with the chip mounted to it, while bib tag races have chips attached to your running bib. Bear in mind: no chip, no time. Only athletes wearing a chip will be timed.


Q: WHAT is the Difference between Chip Time & Gun Time?

Gun Time: The time from the sound of the starter's signal to the time when the runner crosses the finish line. Also know as the Official Time.

Real Time, Chip Time: The time from when the runner crosses the starting mats at the start line, to the time when the runner crosses the finishing mats.

Q: HOW are the winners determined?

A: Gun Time is the official time.

All awards are based on GUN TIME - the time from the start of the race (gun) to when you cross the finish line as per IAAF, Athletics Canada, USATF, AIMS and International Awards standards. Excerpt from the IAAF Road Race Handbook - Pg 196 RULE 240

Note: For road races and road walking events, the official time will be the time elapsed between the start gun and the athlete reaching the finish line. However, if an athlete crosses the start line after the start gun, his time elapsed between the start and finish line can be made known to the athlete but will not be considered as official time. The order in which athletes reach the finish line will be considered as the official finish position. 196 RULE 240

The Chip timing is provided for personal interest.

Q: WHY are official results based on gross time and not net time?

A: In most sports events the final results and places of the winners are based on the order in which they cross the finish line and not the actual time it takes them to get from the start to the finish. For example, take 2 runners taking part in the same event. One of them is at the front of the queue to the start line and crosses the start line at exactly 8:00:00 AM. The other one, at the back of the queue, crosses the start line at 8:00:30. The first one crosses the finish line at 9:00:00, completing the race in 60 minutes and the other finishes at 9:00:15. His gross time is 60:15 but his net time is 59:45, 15 seconds faster than the first runner. But as he crossed the finish line after the first runner he will be given second place (according to his gross time). Atlantic Chip will record both gross and net times but only the gross time will be taken into consideration for the official results, net times are used by individual runners to keep track of their performance.

Q: WHERE will the race results be posted:

A: Results will be posted at the race venue every 100 or so finishers. It's is important that you check your result on site to see if you have won an award and also that your information is correct. Immediately following the race, results are posted online in our results section.